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Applying conditional to formatting to one group of cells based on another group of cells [Anwsered]

Applying conditional to formatting to one group of cells based on another group of cells

Hi - I would like to apply conditional formatting to a group of cells based on a separate identically-arranged group of cells.

For example, columns A, B and C contain raw data, and columns D, E, and F indicate whether a particular data point is valid (using a True/False function, which refers to other worksheets). 

So cell A1's formatting is based on a value in cell D1.
Cell A2's formatting is based on a value in cell D2.
A3 based on D3.
B1 based on E1.
B2 based on E2.
B3 based on E3.
C1 based on F1.
C2 based on F2.
C3 based on F3.

It's not difficult to insert these commands one at a time, but I have a lot of data and a large worksheet, so I'm looking for an easy way to apply this formatting.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Solutions to the Problem Applying conditional to formatting to one group of cells based on another group of cells

Download Error Fixer (Free)

If Sheet1's A1 is dependent upon Sheet2's A1 then you just have to select all of the data points in Sheet1 with A1 as the
active cell.
Create a CF rule using the Use a formula to determine which cells to format and supply the following for
Format values where this formula is true:, 


Click Format and create some formatting.
Perhaps a red Fill.
OK to accept the formatting and then OK again to create the new rule.

If Sheet2!A1 is TRUE, Sheet1!A1 will be red.
If Sheet2!C3 is TRUE then Sheet1!C3 will be red.

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